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We offer a comprehensive one year warranty (Premium Powertrain) with all cars sold under twelve years old guaranteeing peace of mind. Your warranty can be extended to twenty four months and upgraded to a higher level of cover for an additional fee, see policy booklet for further details.

Premium Range Mapfre Warranty.

Download Warranty Booklet here.

If you have Premium Powertrain Warranty the following will be covered.

Named Component List

Only the following specifically listed component and associated labour costs are covered against mechanical and electrical breakdown.

  • Casings: Consequential damage to engine, final drive, gearbox and transmission casings (damage from an un-insured component is excluded).
  • Driveline: CV joints, crown wheel and pinion, differential, drive shafts, half shafts, pinion carrier bearings, propshaft, sun and planet gears, universal joints, washers and spacers.
  • Electrics: Alternator and starter motor.
  • Engine: All internal lubricated parts, also including engine block, cyclinder bores & heads, cylinder head gaskets (excluding cracks & skims); flywheel, oil pump, timing belt (if has been changed in accordance with the manufacturers specified kilometer intervals)/tensioner (excluding overheating, decoking, burnt, pitted & sticking valves).
  • Transmission: (Automatic & Manual): All internal lubricated parts within the transmission, also including valve body: torque converter, transmission and transfer case housing, transmission oil cooler, oil pump, vacuum modulator excluding All Electronic Units & Mechatronic Units..
  • Oil Seals and Gaskets: Oil seals and gaskets which require the removal of a major component i.e. engine, gearbox and/or differential.
  • Turbo Unit: Turbo unit, including wastegate

Important: unless listed above, all other parts and components are excluded from PREMIUM POWERTRAIN WARRANTY. Premium Powertrain Warranty also covers the following extra benefits:

  • Unlimited Kilometres
  • European Warranty Cover
  • Vehicle Hire
  • Transfer of Warranty
  • Diagnostics
150 Point Check and Warranty on all cars sold!
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