150 point check

All cars sold by Dalkey Motor Company must pass a thorough 150 point pre sales inspection, to give you peace of mind. We couldn’t offer a warranty on all cars sold without it! Dalkey Motor Company is a leading supplier of new and used cars in Dublin and across Ireland.

Pre-sales Checklist

The checklist includes, but isn’t limited to:

Emissions test
Pressure test coolant system / check radiator
Coolant strength & levels, change if required
Air conditioning unit and hoses
All hoses and clips
Cooling fan operating correctly
No noise / free play in water pump
No noise / free play in alternator
Battery output / levels / grease terminals
All reservoirs / seals free of leaks – Top up if required
Windscreen washer bottle full & operational
Auxiliary & fan belts serviceable
All engine bay wiring secure
Fuel injector system serviceable
Fuel pipes secure & damage free
Cam / Rocker cover gasket free of leaks
Check / Adjust valve clearances

Brakes – Wheels – Tyres
Description of Check
Pads / shoe and rear discs / drums serviceable
All brake pipes faultless
Slave cylinders free of fluid leaks
Callipers/ bearings fully effective & free of leaks
All tyres compatable & ratings correct
All tyres pressure checked & free of cuts / bulges
Wheel rims free of damage & trims secure
All wheel nuts correctly torqued
Adjust wheel alignment if required

Under the Vehicle
Description of Check
General underbody free of damage / corrision
Chassis rails free of damage / corrosion
Engine / gearbox / axle free of oil leaks
Top up gearbox / axle oil as appropriate
All bushes serviceable
Steering assembly serviceable & free of wear / leaks
Suspension mounting points perfect
Suspension units serviceable & free of wear / leaks
Shock absorbers functioning & damage / leak free
Driveshafts free of wear / leaks
All gaiters free of leaks
Exhaust system (inc cat) good cond & securely mounted
Brake pipes secure, free of damage,leaks & corrosion
Fuel pipes secure, free of damage,leaks & corrosion
Fuel tank / hoses damage / leak free
Handbrake cable/mechanism serviceable & adjusted
Clutch cable serviceable & adjusted
Wheel bearings serviceable

Check – Exterior
Description of Check
Body panels and bumpers damage / scratch free
Trim/badges damaged/missing
All lenses, glass and reflectors
All glass (including windscreen) for chips / cracks
Radio aerial free & operational
Exterior locks all effective
Bonnet / boot release effective and locking
Dipped / head / side & spotlights operational
Headlights aligned correctly
All direction indicators and hazard warning lights working
Brake / rear fog / reversing lights / number plate operational
Number plates to legal requirement

Description of Check
Air Bag System Inspected
Seat belts & mountings secure
Condition of seat upholstery
All seating secure & mechanisims operational
Condition of trims/ headlining / soft top & visors
Sun roof operational and leak free
Condition of carpets, pedal rubbers & gear lever gaiter
Window mechanisms free & operational
Child safety locks operational
Door mechanisms operational including stops & strickers
Horn operational
Heated front / rear windows operational
Heater fan / air conditioning & controls operational
Courtesy lights inc boot light working
Radio/Cassette/CD/Navagation equipement operational
All keys tested and functioning
VIN (chassis) Number and plate clear
All gauges operating and illuminated

Boot / Luggage Area
Description of Check
Full tool kit (Jack, Wheelbrece etc)
Spare wheel / tool kit stored securley
Water seals defect free & effective
No visable leaks

Road Test
Description of Check
Engine performance
Engine idling correctly
Clutch shudder & slip free.
All Gears freely selectable
Automatic gearbox fully operational
No transmission / axle noise
Brakes free of pull / fade or shudder
ABS operationing
Handbrake fully effective
Steering response perfect
No wheel bearing noise
Drive rattle free with no wind noise
Speedometer functioning
Odometer / trip meter functioning
Direction indicators working / cancelling
Wipers / washers front & rear functioning
All mirrors damage free and adjusting (including heaters)
Wheel balancing perfect
Alarm (if fitted) fully operational

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